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In addition to advocating for and advancing the approval of over $25 million in new state funding for important community and economic development programs and projects throughout the 22nd District since 2011, Senator Blake has been an active and an effective legislator in Harrisburg. He has introduced, co-sponsored and amended legislation; advanced bills through Senate Committees; obtained bi-partisan support and votes from both sides of the aisle on the Senate floor; and moved legislation to the Governor’s desk for signature.

Senate Bills (SB) introduced by Senator John Blake since 2011:

2013-14 2011-12
SB456 (SB1600) Innovate in PA – Act 52 of 2013**
SB457 (SB1377) Right to Know/Open Records Update – State-Related Universities
SB458 (SB1502) Property Tax Relief and Collaborative Services Act
SB902   Local Gov’t Public Finance Reform – Ethics enforcement/Municipal Authorities
SB882 (SB1457) Close Delaware Loophole/Lowering Corporate Net Income Tax
SB703 (SB1601) Military time buyback for Scranton first-responders - Act 64 of 2014 **
SB704 (SB1602) Military time buyback for Scranton public employees - Act 58 of 2014 **
SB216 (SB1366) Funding for PA Statewide Housing Trust Fund
SB229   PA Works Package - Job Creation Tax Credit -- Act 52 of 2013**
SB706 (SB1379) Mobile Home Tax Delinquency – Consumer Protection – Act 36 of 2014**
SB705 (SB1384) District Attorneys Opt-Out of Prison Boards
  (SB845) Lackawanna County Intermodal Center Land Conveyance – Act 43 of 2011**
  (SB1005) Non-Profit Organization Special Occasion Liquor Permits – Act 11 of 2011**
  (SB1267) Flood Relief -- Real Estate Tax Abatement – Act 71 of 2012**
  (SB1252) Andrew A. Pompey & Durando J. Pompey Memorial Bridge – Act 177 of 2012**
  (SB984) Filling County Commissioner Vacancies
  (SB685) PA Works Package - Job Creation Tax Credit – Act 85 of 2012**
  (SB1085) Tourism Promotion Funding Lackawanna Co Hotel Room Tax – Act 143 of 2012**
  (SB1340) Game Commission Officer Assault – Act 150 of 2012**
  (SB1166) Returning the State Treasurer to the Tobacco Settlement Investment Board
  (SB1253) Mineral Rights Lease Notification
  (SB1292) Licensed Public Adjusters
  (SB1367) Sudden Cardiac Arrest Protection – Act 59 of 2012**
SB1136   Veterans Housing Assistance
SB # not yet assigned   PA State Redistricting Reform
SB # not yet assigned   Financial Assistance to Animal Shelters
SB # not yet assigned   Bullying Penalties

** denotes Senate legislation -- or PA House companion legislation -- ultimately signed into law by the Governor